Family Fun at Big Air Trampoline in Buena Park

Big Air Trampoline is the perfect side excursion for your day off on your next Disneyland Trip!



When people think of Buena Park they often think of Disneyland (who wouldn’t) and Knott’s Berry Farm. Yet there are also some other really fun attractions in this fun city that you can enjoy in addition to these fantastic theme parks. One of these attractions is Medieval Times Dinner Tournament (which you can read about here). Another attraction which my kids just adored is Big Air Trampoline. Found in a local mall this fun Trampoline park can provide hours of fun for the whole family.



When you visit Big Air Trampoline you pay by the hour. The first hour has the main cost with a lower cost for each extended hour. We were there for 2 hours and were totally wiped out afterward. They also have a safety policy requiring you to wear special grip socks to prevent slipping on the trampolines. If you already own grip socks bring them with you. Otherwise, don’t worry, you can buy some here. THey have socks in various sizes to fit your whole family. 



Some of the areas are specifically for small children and others for adults. However, most of the areas are open to all ages. 


I loved the Big Court which is a huge area filled with trampolines in every direction (with cushioned spacers between) where you could run and bounce on.  They have a lil court specifically designated for small kids to jump on worry-free. However, since we went in the middle of the day on a weekday there weren’t too many people there so my younger kids just stayed with us in the main areas. 



In addition to the main trampoline areas, my boys particularly loved the foam blog pits. They would gleefully throw themselves into the pits only to climb out and do it again. They had soo much fun doing this that their sister had to join in on the fun. when they got tired of this the older ones moved on but my youngest stayed to build with the foam blocks on the wall of the pit. 



As for my husband and daughter, their favorite attraction was the climbing wall that rose above another foam block pit. They spent a decent amount of our time climbing the walls then dropping into the pit only to climb the walls again. Later on, my 3-year-old discovered how fun the climbing wall could be.



Though the main trampoline court, foam block pits, and climbing walls were our favorite attractions at Big Air Trampoline we also enjoyed their other attractions. My husband took on our kids in the dodge ball court. I think the main reason he won, was because our kids kept falling over laughing over his antics as he would throw the ball. 



Before we left I even had fun engaging in a fun little battle on the high-bar against both my daughter and later my husband.  



Medieval Times Location:
8320 On the Mall
Buena Park, CA 90620
Open Daily Multiple Showing Times (Varies according to day)
See Showing times –>HERE<–


Price for Tickets: 
All Ages: $18.59 (For the first Hour)
$8 (for every additional hour) 
$3 a pair Grip Socks (Grip socks are required but you are allowed to bring your own if you already have a pair.)


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