About The Technomad Kids


B is 9 years old and our oldest Technomad Kid. She has been traveling with us since she was just 7 months old when we took her to Disney World. B loves Books (especially The Percy Jackson & Fablehave series) Minecraft, Art, Science and Animals (stuffed and real) 

X is 7 and our middle Technomad Kid. X went on his first major Travel adventure when he was 18 months old when we went cross country in an RV. He is obsessed with video games (especially Animal Crossing, Mario games, Minecraft and ZELDA) He also loves Percy Jackson books, learning about new places, Legos and Super Heroes. 

G is 4 and our youngest Technomad Kid. He went on his first trip before he was born (the RV trip mentioned above) He is our adventurous one who is always getting into mischief. He loves building (blocks, legos, furniture…) He also loves videos games and books like his older siblings, playing outside as well as music. He really loves music.


All our kids are great travelers. They all have a love of the outdoors, museums, amusement parks, and historical places. 

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