Free Printable Disney Guess Who Said It Trivia Game Vol 1


Test how well you know your favorite Disney Movies with this fun Disney Guess Who Said It Trivia Game.



Are you looking for a fun printable game to keep your kids entertained on your next Disney vacation? Whether in at the airport, in the car, in line for rides at the park or even during your downtime at the hotel? I love printable games because they don’t cost much (just the cost of printing) and they don’t take up much room in your bag. Your kids will love this Disney Guess Who Said it Trivial Game.


This Guess Who Said It game is perfect for both kids and adults. After all, how many times have we seen our favorite movies? Seen them until we would practically quote them backward.  At least we think we can.  This fun printable Guess who said it game designed by my husband and I will put your actual Disney movie knowledge to the test.


With 60 Trivia cards, you get to guess who said each Disney movie Quote. This printable game was designed so that you can print double sided or single sided (instructions for printing are included in the download. This Printable Game this download includes both a PDF with the printing instructions as well as a PDF with the printable game cards.


Click Here to get the Free Printable Disney Guess Who Said it Trivia Game


This game is ready to print at home with a color printer (if you don’t have one I recommend this one)  or at a local copy center. You can print the cards out 2 different ways. Either double-sided on cardstock so that the game cards are more durable to last longer while playing. Or you can print the cards out (single sided) on paper and then cut each card (front an back attached) and fold in half and glue together.



**If you want to extend your Disney Trivia fun we actually created 2 volumes of this Disney Guess Who said it game The Disney Guess Who Said it Vol 1 is filled with quotes from the newer (non-Pixar) Disney Movies. The Disney Guess Who Said it Vol 2 is filled with quotes from the older Disney Movies. You can play the games separately or together for the ultimate Disney Trivia experience. (Get the Disney Guess Who Said it Trivia Game Vol 2 HERE)



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  1. Hi sorry, but have tried to print two odds but there’s no sign of any email. Any chance you can help. Thank you

    1. Did you check your spam folder. Sometimes the email with the instant download link can end up there. If for some reason it isn’t there, let me know and I will manually resend it to you.

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