Dinnertime Adventure at Medieval Times in Buena Park, California

Have you ever experienced Medieval Times?



On our last trip to Buena Park, California we decided to make dinner one evening extra exciting by going to see Medieval Times. I had been wanting to go with my family ever since I first heard about it from friends who had gone (to various locations across the US) on vacations. I mean hello, Knights and jousting and sword fighting over a delicious feast.



When we first arrived at Medieval Times each of us was given a colored paper crown to wear. This crown designated which section we would be sitting at for the Dinner Tournament (and which knight we would be cheering during the tournament.



It was recommended that we arrive an hour early, so after we checked in and got our colored crowns we were allowed to wander around the outer rooms of the castle while waiting for time to be seated. My kids loved the suits of armor the stable and other fun medieval items on display throughout the castle. They also love the sort of Pre-show entertainment put on by the Herald and the king. 



Once we found our seats at the Queen’s banquet we were served our delicious meal (while waiting for the show to begin.



I am glad that dinner was what even my kids would eat. Each person was served a plate with corn on the cobb, a half a baked potato and a baby dragon (aka roasted chicken.) Our feast consisted of delicious garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken (which they called baby dragons to the delight of my children), sweet corn on the cobb, & baked potatoes. Then after the main course, everyone was offered dessert and adults who wish were offered coffee as well as select drinks.  I was so glad that even my picky kids found plenty to enjoy.



As we are the knights were introduced (each colored section had a knight to cheer through the tournament).  This wasn’t just a tournament with fancy horse riding, jousting, and sword fighting. There was a whole story woven for all of us to enjoy which we quickly got caught up in.



We all had fun cheering for our knight and booking his competitors as the tournament progressed. Even though our knight didn’t win in the end, we still had an amazing time watching the beautiful horses and gallant knights perform for us.



My kids loved Medieval Times soo much they couldn’t stop talking about it the whole way back to our hotel that night and again the next day. This is definitely an attraction we want to go back to.


Medieval Times Location:
7662 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA 90620


Open Daily Multiple Showing Times (Varies according to day)
See Showing times –>HERE<–


Price for Tickets: 
Adults: $63.95
Children (12 & under:) $36.95


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