DIY Family Travel Passport (with Free Printables & SVG Cut Files)

Record your family travels with a fun DIY Family Travel Passport.



I am all about finding fun and creative ways to record our family travels so that my children can look back and remember all our adventures.  When we started traveling internationally we had to get passports for each member of the family. Now each time we enter and exit a foreign country we get a beautiful stamp to fill the passport’s pages.  One day I was talking to my husband, and I asked how hard it would be to design our own fun little family travel passport where we could record all the places we visit and when. 



My husband designed the book to be a quarter of a page in size to make it more convenient for you and your kids to carry around. The Printable includes the Passport cover, info page where you can put the family member’s information and photo (like an actual passport) the rest of the pages have fun travel designs watermarking them. On this page, you get to put your information on where you went on your trip and when you went.


Click here to get the Free Printable Family Travel Passports.


When I saw what my husband had designed I was blown away. I mean he really outdid himself. I love how the printable (including the printable cover.) turned out. Especially with the pages printed on colored paper. However, I wanted to take them to the next level by making Faux Leather Covers with  Foil Iron-on.



When I made the books I made 2 (since the printable makes two books) One I did with a Blue Faux Leather cover and Silver Foil Iron-on and the other I did in a Redish brown cover with gold Iron-on to see which I liked the best. Keep Reading for the step by step tutorials.




DIY Faux Leather & Foil Iron-on Cover for Family Passport
Yield: 2 Covers

DIY Faux Leather & Foil Iron-on Cover for Family Passport

This DIY Tutorial is to make your own nice Leather (and Foil Iron-on) Covers to go with our Free Printable Family Passport.


Download Free SVG Cut Files for Family Travel Passports -->HERE

Upload file into Design space. Size should be 8.8x5.5

Ungroup the design, (move the cover over) attach all the black parts of the design and attach them together. Then select all the gold parts of the design and attach them together. **This is where you can remove any part of the design you don't want to include. 

Select all and copy. (changing the color of the second cover to blue and details to silver)

Click make it button. & then select "Mirror Image" for the Iron-on mats.

Select Foil Iron-on as the material and place Silver Iron-on on a standard mat shiny side down.

After Cutting use weeding tool to weed out excess iron-on.

Repeat with Gold Foil Iron-on

Select Faux Leather from the Materials, and place the Blue Faux leather on a Strong Grip Mat (**Technically the standard grip mat is the one suggested but I prefer the strong grip)

After cutting remove from the mat and then Repeat for Brownish Red Faux Leather

Heat your Easypress 2 to 255 & Press the Faux Leather (on the Easypress mat) for 5 seconds to heat it.

Place the Iron-on design on the Faux Leather and then press with gentle pressure for 30 seconds

Peel off when cooled.


Attach Faux Leather cover to printable sheets with staples down the middle.


  • The most difficult part of making these covers is weeding the Iron-on Design so take your time. If you are still having roblems weeding the fine design I recomend using the Cricut Brightpad to see the cut design better. You can also use a standard Gold everyday Iron-on in place of the Gold Foil Iron-on (which is a bit easier to weed and still looks great)
  • For those who do no have a Cricut to make these amazing DIY covers, the Free Printable does come with a printable version of the covers.



I think it might be fun to make some DIY stickers to put in the Family Travel Passports to mark where we visit. In the meantime, I will just write it in with a pen.



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