How to use Cricut Iron-on to make Custom Travel Journals

Did you know you can use Cricut Iron-on to make your own Custom Travel Journals?



I fell in love with Iron-on after my very first time using it to make custom onesies as a baby shower gift. Then I discovered that you could use Iron-on for materials other than fabric and I became obsessed. I especially love using it with paper products like cardstock. The finished results is like a high end embossed look.  My latest project with Iron-on was making my own custom Travel Journals with Silver Metallic Iron-on designs.



Whenever I think of travel journals or diaries, I think of the line in Sir Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Ernest (If you haven’t seen it they have a great movie version with Colin Firth, Rupert Everest, & Reese Witherspoon) Where Lady Gwendolyn is talking to young Cecily and informs her:

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”Click To Tweet



Making the travel journals/diaries is actually very easy. I found some plain black notebooks at my local Dollar Store and decided to use metallic Silver Iron-on to put cool travel designs on the front cover of each book.



  I found some cool travel designs already designed in Cricut Access in Design Space. All I had to do was size them to fit on the 5×7 notebooks. The rest of the process was super quick and easy.  Keep reading for a step by step tutorial.



DIY Travel Journals
Yield: 8 5x7 Travel Journals

DIY Travel Journals

Turn simple Dollar Store Notebooks into stunning Travel Journals using Cricut Iron-on and the Easypress 2. These 5x7 in Journals are the perfect size to fit in your purse or travel bags!


  • Open Cricut Design Space Canvas for Travel Journal -->HERE

  • Click to make it and click to reverse image the mat.

  • Select Foil Iron-on as the material and load onto mat shiny side down.

  • After Cutting use weeding tool to weed out the unneeded iron-on from the cut design.

  • Heat your Easypress 2 to 270 & Place your Notebook on the Easypress mat and heat it with the Easypress for 5 seconds.

  • Place Iron-on design on the notebook &Heat with Easypress 2 for 30 seconds with light pressure.

  • Peel when cooled.



Now, to be honest, I originally made these as fun travel journals to use as party favors for a travel themed party, (I paired them with Milk Chocolate bars that I had brought back from Europe.) but now that I have seen how cute they turned out I totally want to make some more for myself since they are the perfect size to fit in my purse or travel bags while traveling.



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