Great Wolf Lodge Review (Kansas City, Ks)

Have You stayed at a Great Wolf Lodge with your Family Yet?



If you haven’t stayed at a Great Wolf Lodge yet, you are missing out. They are more than just a family-friendly hotel. They are actually more of a year-round family vacation destination. This is due to the unique combination of the Hotel (with all the usual amenities) combined with a full-sized Indoor Water Park.



You can find Great Wolf Lodges all over the United States. This one that we stayed at was in Kansas City Kansas.  (Find Locations for all the Great Wolf Lodges HERE)



Your experience at the Great Wolf Lodge starts at check-in where in addition to getting a room key and the pass to the water park (for each day of your stay) but you also get a list of all the fun activities (including character meet and greets) available during your stay for you and your kids. Some of the things cost money like the MagiQuest, but most of the activities provided throughout the day are totally free for your kids to enjoy.

Additionally, each of your children is given their very own wolf ears to wear throughout your stay. Can I tell you how much my kids loved those ears? Of course, they had to put their ears on right away and then my husband and I were trailed by three adorable howling wolves as we carried our bags down the hall to our room. 



For our stay, we stayed in one of their standard Family Suites which was partially divided into two sections. The first section had two queen sized beds, the dresser, and fridge. (as well as the door to the bathroom.) The second section (near the window) was a small table and chairs as well as a couch and coffee table. (The tv which was mounted to the wall could be tilted to be easily watched from either the beds or the couch. 



After we were settled we decided to head out to have some fun in Kansas City before coming back to enjoy the evening free kid’s activities at the Great Wolf Lodge before heading to bed (since we decided we wanted to spend the next day enjoying the indoor water park.) The Lodge offers a series of free activities at 3 different times during the day (morning, afternoon, and evening.) To join in the activities you just have to meet in the kids section of the main lobby at the marked times. 



Like we had planned we spent the majority of the following day enjoying the water park. Since the park is attached to the hotel and entirely indoors you can enjoy it year round no matter the weather. The temperature in the park (and especially the water) was warm and cozy making it easy to move from pool to pool and slide to slide without any discomfort. 



Since our kids don’t swim well (being so young) I was happy to note that the lodge offered free lifejackets (on a first come first serve basis) that we were able to use. 


The water park is broken into serval sections. the first section you come across as you enter the park is the little kits section which has some fun (small) waterslides, pool, and splash pad area. 



If you walk past the little kid’s section and the food bar on your left you will find a deeper pool that has both a water basketball hoop and an obstacle court that you can play in (it was right next to this area that I found the lifejackets.



On your right, you will find the Fort Mackenzie Water Fort Tree House with fun toys, kid-activated water features and access to water slides (as well as a huge water tower that at the ring of the bell dumps gallons of water onto those playing below. Serious it was a lot of fun. 



My kids loved climbing the Water fort over and over again (dodging the pouring water in order to go down the water slides. Even my husband and I went down a few times and had a lot of fun doing so.



Beyond these areas is the lazy river that you can float down on large tubes. You also have the more epic tube water slides. Due to how young my kids were we had to ride them together but in a way that made it even more fun. My middle son was obsessed with these tube slides bedding to go on them over and over again. 



By the time we left the water park, we were all hungry, exhausted and yet very happy. After we ate dinner my husband stayed in our room with our very sleep youngest, while I took our two oldest to go enjoy the pajama party and story time.  I love that they do this every night to help kids get rid of their wiggles and ready to sleep. 



In addition to the Water Park, Kids Activities and comfortable rooms, the Great Wolf Lodge also has a restaurant, arcade, sweet shop, MagiPlace Marketplace and more. 



Next time we stay at a Great Wolf Lodge we totally need to stay for longer to really enjoy all they have to offer. 


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