Top Tips for Creating a Kid’s Travel Bag


Are you looking to create your own kid’s travel bag for your next family trip?



Let’s be honest here, traveling with kids can be difficult on the best of days. Long trips can be even more taxing on both you as well as your kids.  We have found that the solution to keeping our kids happy on trips (thus making it easier on us parents) Is to pack a special kid’s travel bag for each kid filled with specific items to combat their boredom, hunger & thirst while traveling.


These travel bags are easy to put together and have become a lifesaver. We never leave home (even for day trips) without them.  Since we started using them trips (even long trips) have become a whole lot easier since we aren’t having to deal with kids breaking down due to hunger or boredom.



What Kind of Bags Should You Use For Kid's Travel Bags?


When creating a kids travel bag the first am the most important thing to buy is a quality backpack. You want something that is easy to carry and has plenty of storage space. For Younger kids, we recommend getting a smaller 10in Backpack. This will make it easier for your small kid to actually carry themselves. For older kids you can go a bit larger so 18-20 in backpacks are fine. This allows them to carry more while still making it easy for them to carry.  


What Sort of Electronic Entertainment Should Be Included in Kid's Travel Bags?


Kindle Fire

For younger kids, I recommend getting a Kids Kindle Fire 8 which comes with a shock resistant kids case. I also recommend getting a Micro SD card (you can get them from 16-128GB to use in your Fire) to expand the memory. Not only can you load your kid's Kindle with games, activity apps, and ebooks you can also load onto the SD card your kid's favorite movies (if you have them in digital format. Making for hours of entertainment.

2 DS

For older kids (if they are into video games) I recommend getting a Nintendo 2 DS along with a case that can hold a few favorite kid-friendly games. A bonus is if you get multiplayer games that the kids can play together like Mario Cart.


Along with these electronic devices which can offer hours upon hours of entertainment on long car, plane, bus or train trips I also recommend packing a charging cord and Power Bank which will extend the entertainment time as well as a good set of kids headphones so the rest of you don't have to listen to what your kids do. The headphones are also nice for plane rides where there is onboard entertainment.



What Non-Electronic Entertainment Items Should I Include In My Kid's Travel Bags?


Coloring book with crayons or pencils

We like to mix electronic entertainment with non-electronic entertainment. One of these that we pack in each bag is a coloring book (or for older kids activity book) along with crayons or colored pencils. Depending on the age of your kids, this is great for your kids to use while traveling or is better for those down times.  

Printable Games

My husband and I have created some fun Printable Games for our kids for while we travel. Some are great for while traveling, and others are great for downtimes like at the airport or hotel room. As we make them we will be putting them up here on our site for you to enjoy as well. The ones we have available right now are Travel BINGO, Travel Memory Matching Game, Disney Guess Who Said it Vol 1 & Disney Guess Who Said It Vol 2.


Yes, make sure to have a few ebooks download onto our kid's kindles but I am a firm believer in having physical books as well. You can get some really cute paperback kids books that will fit into their travel bags without adding much weight or taking up much room. For your older kids, They can pack whatever chapter book they are currently reading. Right now for my oldest that would be the Fable Haven books.

A few small toys

We normally let each kid bring a few small toys. They usually each bring their favorite Beenie Boo stuffed animal which they not only play with but sleep with for comfort while traveling. In addition, they each get to choose a few small personal toys. These toys are usually action figures, toy cars or even some legos. I try t make it so the toys are easy to keep track of.


What Food & Drink Items Should I Pack In My Kid's Travel Bags?



If you are going to be flying I suggest traveling with the water bottle empty until after you get through airport security. Then fill it up at a drinking fountain or with a bottled drink before getting on the plane. If you are traveling any other way I suggest filling the bottle with ice and drink before you leave. I prefer water but sometimes I will get some drink packets (like these) to turn their drinks into a fun flavored drink. Our preferred water bottles are the insulated thermos that can keep drinks colder longer.

Simple Snacks

When kids are hungry they often turn HANGRY. This means irritable tempers and even meltdowns. Which is why we always travel with a variety of snacks. While I try to bring both healthy and fun snacks on every travel adventure I also try to pack a few things in each child's bag that they can get out and eat whenever they want. I like to include snacks like granola bars, fruit snacks, nuts and even a small ziplock of my kid's favorite cereal.


What Extra Items Should I Add to My Kid's Travel Bags?


Relay Device

This nifty little Relay device not only works like a walkie talkie to keep in touch with your kids if you are ever apart. These devices also all contain a GPS tracker in them. Since they work on a cellular network so they work anywhere in the US. Each relay is small enough to fit in your kid's pocket or a small pocket of their backpack. They work with a push of a button so they are easy for kids to use. They can communicate with other relay devices on the same account as well as our cell phones via a special app.


Mi-fold booster-seat 

If we are traveling in a rental car, or by plane, we now bring our mi-fold booster seat with us. The Mi-Fold Booster seat is small (small enough to fit in our kid's backpack) and lightweight while at the same time is a fully functional legal booster seat for kids.


Recommended Products

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Of course, you don’t have to follow this list exactly. You know your children better than we do. However, these are the items we have found have worked the best for our children (over several travel trips). The important thing is that you make a pack and fill it with what your kids like.



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