Top 10 Items to Pack for Traveling In Case of Emergencies

Don’t let an emergency while traveling catch you unprepared. Make sure you are prepared by including these 10 things when you pack for traveling with your family. 



That old saying of what can go wrong usually can go wrong, it can be especially difficult when you are far from home and unprepared.  Here are some things you can include when you pack for traveling with your family to be prepared for if SHTF. So you can be ready for anything life can throw your way when all you want to do is enjoy your trip.


Whenever you are planning your next trip, you always want things to go as planned. You are always left anxious that you are going to forget something important or be unprepared for some unplanned situation. Be it forgetting your passport, sunglasses, swimsuit, sunscreen, or any number of items. This is your vacation after all! You have spent months planning, and anticipating really enjoying life and making memories. The last thing you want to do is worry, that some unforeseen thing could ruin it.


Always plan on the unexpected!


The problems that can arise are as innumerable as the sands of the sea, and they do happen, from anything from being stranded on a cruise ship to having to survive a week in snow packed vehicle (Hint: A tub of Peanut Butter won’t freeze), or even living through being pinned by a dislodged boulder on a canyon wall.




For us, we experienced one such time, that you can read about here, and find out how we survived several weeks with a few feet of snow without access to a store and water supply on a remote Villa in Greece.

Emergency Preparedness Items for Travel

If there is was only one thing the Boys Scouts taught me, it was always be prepared.  So, regardless if you ever have to use them or not, and hopefully you won’t. Nothing is more rewarding than to rise to any situation and have the right tools to do so. Here are some things we packed, and recommend, to always be ready for the worst case scenarios, so you can have some peace of mind and a little more worry free trips, so you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation.


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